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“Het Goeie Leven” / “The Good Life”

A film by

the Netherlands | 29' | 10/2015 | fiction

A multi-narrative drama of a typical southern Dutch village that prepares for the holidays. But it turns out the compulsory conviviality can't drown out the everyday problems of some of the inhabitants. Troubles at the town council, the silent struggle of a lonely grandmother and a bullied teenager.

Youri Dingemans


Youri Dingemans (Waalwijk, 1988) grew up in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. After graduating as cameraman and editor at De Eindhovense School, Youri moved to Utrecht to continue his education at the University of the Arts Utrecht. Here, Youri mainly focused on ‘One shot cinema’.

Youri likes to show the awkwardness of and stay close to the experiences of his time in Brabant. For the sake of realism Youri works with non-actors when possible. This resulted in the short film “Het Goeie Leven” (“The Good Life”) . A film, solely shot in wide angle long shots, depicting the social interactions of a fictive village.

“Het Goeie Leven” premiered on the Dutch Film Festival Student Competition 2015.

At the moment Youri is working on a new production, which will be shot in a style similar to “Het Goeie Leven”.


  • “The Good Life” – 2015
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Director: Youri Dingemans
Screenplay: Youri Dingemans
Producer: Rik Vaessen, Luuk Hoekx, Eva Verweij
Cinematographer: Martijn Melis
Sound: Rowan de Geus
Editor: Rik Vaessen
Composer: Gerard van Maasakkers
First assistant director: Reneé van der Ven
Assistant director: Eva van ‘t Loo
Assistant director: Jelle Tigchelaar
Production Design: Esra Ghilane & Hanneke Wind
Cast: Hans Dingemans, Rhesy Nooijens, Jorlan Manders, Bart Smulders,
Jannes Heuvelmans a.o.


  • Netherlands Film Festival, the Netherlands (23 September – 2 October, 2015)
    Student Competition
  • Eindhovens Filmfestival 2015
  • WE Film Festival, the Netherlands (28 – 30 April, 2016)
  • Krakow Film Festival, Poland (29 May – 5 June, 2016)
    Short Film Competition
  • Palm Springs International ShortFest, USA (21 – 27 June, 2016)
    Official Competition