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The Sunset Special 2

a film by

Germany | 19' | 06/2024 | experimental animation

This exclusive luxury cruise presents itself as the perfect holiday and family utopia. However, all artificial facades of this attractive consumer product dissolve, as a psychedelic dream world unfolds, illusions break and the crude reality beyond superficial comfort is unveiled.

Nicolas Gebbe


Nicolas Gebbe was born in London in 1986. He currently lives and works in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) as a 3D artist, filmmaker, and sound designer. In 2018 he received his art diploma at Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach with a film major. He focuses on experimental 3D animation and hybrid film formats. His animated short films have been screened at a variety of festivals such as Locarno Film Festival, Festival du Nouveau Cinèma Montreal and Ann Arbor Film Festival. In 2022 his hybrid project The Sunset Special won the Hessischer Filmpreis, and his VR Short Lockdown Dreamscape VR won the VR storytelling award at LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International.


  • The Sunset Special 2 – 2024 – short animation
  • Lockdown Dreamscape – 2022 – VR
  • The Sunset Special – 2021 – short animation
  • Urban Dreamscape – 2019 – student film
Square Eyes -


Director: Nicolas Gebbe
Screenplay: Nicolas Gebbe
Producer: Nicolas Gebbe
Sound Design: Nicolas Gebbe
Editor: Nicolas Gebbe
Composer: Nicolas Gebbe


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