The Diary of a Sky

a film by

Lebanon | 44' | 04/2024 | experimental documentary

The Diary of a Sky unfolds an atmospheric symphony of violence over Beirut, revealing the haunting fusion of incessant Israeli military flights and the hum of generators during blackouts. This 45-minute video essay plunges viewers into a chilling chronicle of daily life transformed by the weaponization of the air, where the terror of repeated incursions becomes a disconcertingly banal backdrop.

Square Eyes - VdR_Official Selection_2024_B
Square Eyes - VdR_Official Selection_2024_B

Lawrence Abu Hamdan


Lawrence Abu Hamdan is an independent investigator or Private Ear. His investigations focus on sound and linguistics and have been used as evidence at the UK Asylum and Immigration Tribunal and as advocacy for organisations such as Amnesty International and Defence for Children International together with fellow researchers from Forensic Architecture. Abu Hamdan received his PhD in 2017 from Goldsmiths College University of London and in 2021 completed a professorship at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz where he developed his research . Past fellowships have been held at the University of Chicago and the New School, New York.


  • The Diary of a Sky (2023), 44 mins
  • 45th Parallel (2022), 15mins
  • Once Removed (2019), 29mins
  • Walled Unwalled (2018), 21mins
  • Rubber Coated Steel (2016), 22mins
Square Eyes - Copyright: Diana Pfanmatter
Copyright: Diana Pfanmatter


Director: Lawrence Abu Hamdan (a film by…)
Producer: Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Image: Various*
Sound Design: Moe Choucair
Editor: Mohamad A. Gawad
Cast: Mazen El-Sayed (El Rass) as the Private Ear

* All Cinematography credits, alphabetically:
Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Amir Afshar, Ghalya Albani, Larissa Aoun, Jad Atoui, Zeinab Awada, Ahmad Beydoun, Myriam Boulous, Hussein Borji, Jamal Chaiito, Zakia Drano, Nader Elatrache, Samer el Khoury, Sahar Ghaddar, Ahmad Ghossein, Nabil Hamdan, Ali Hmeidan, Maha Hoteit, Issa Hojeij, Mohamad Jawad, Nesrine Khodr, Adel Kudsi, Dj Madam, Huda Mirza, Ali Nahhas, Mahdi Najem, Kamal Nehme, Samer Noun, Tariq Qiblawi, Hiba Salman, Ali Shaib, Jube Siba, Hussein Srour, Zahra Wehbe, Aya Yaman, Jaber Yemen, Mahdi Zeinaldin, Elie Zehlewe


  • Visions du Réel – International Film Festival Nyon, Switzerland (12 – 21 April, 2024)
    Burning Lights
  • IndieLisboa International Film Festival, Portugal (23 May – 2 June, 2024)
    Silvestre Competition


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