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Belgium / 15' / 09/2020 / fiction

Stephanie smiles as she's applauded by the crowd. The 11-year-old gymnast just won her first international title. She’s crushed with attention; everybody wants to have a picture with her and expresses their high hopes. The more recognition she gets, the more she realises that the game only has begun.

Square Eyes - LOGO-SHORT-FILM-2020
Square Eyes - LOGO-SHORT-FILM-2020

Leonardo van Dijl


Leonardo van Dijl made his debut with Get Ripped. After it premiered at Outfest Los Angeles, the short film was given the Grand Jury Award. Two years later he obtained a Master degree in film at the Luca School of Arts Brussels with the short film Umpire, which premiered at the Filmfestival of Locarno. It was given an honorable mention at the filmfestival of San Sebastian and went on winning a Wildcard for Best Short Film by the Flemish Audiovisual Fund.

His new short Stephanie was selected for the Official Competition of Cannes 2020. Meanwhile Leo has continued to direct a myriad of work such as music videos for Oscar & The Wolf, School is Cool and Soldier’s Heart and worked for brands such as the Antwerp Fashion Academy, Fifa, Ab Inbev and Prada. He collaborated with artists such as Peter de Potter and Nicolas Karakatsanis. Currently he is writing his first feature film.


  • Stephanie – short film – 2020
  • Umpire – short film – 2015
  • Get Ripped – short film – 2014
Square Eyes -


Director: Leonardo van Dijl
Screenplay: Leonardo van Dijl
Producer: De Wereldvrede: Gilles De Schryver, Gilles Coulier, Wouter Sap
Cinematographer: Daniël Bouquet
Sound Recording: Yanna Soentjens
Sound Design: Boris Debackere
Editor: Ludo Troch
Art director: Silke De Rycke
Wardrobe: Ellen Blereau
Cast: Sofie Decleir, Charlotte Verwimp, Stefan Gota, Bien de Moor, Benjamin Ramon


  1. Cannes Film Festival, France (2020)
    Short Film Competition
  2. Leuven International Short Film Festival, Belgium (5 – 12 December, 2020)
    Opening Night & Flemish Competition


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