Liefdesbrieven / Love Letters

A film by

the Netherlands | 24' | 11/2017 | documentary

Love Letters is a film about a nearly vanished medium; the handwritten love letter. Five twentysomethings share their most intimate love letter. They are brave and not afraid to express their feelings by putting their love on paper.

Tara Fallaux


Photography and film give me an opportunity to fulfill my curiosity for the mysteries of everyday encounters. I am always interested in people’s vitality and fate, how we shape the world around us, and vice versa.

On an emotional and narrative level, I am interested in looking at human bonds and at people’s being, both physical and mental: love, relationships, family, friendship, childhood, aging, physical fragility, sensuality, courage, desire and hope. I recognize that these are very broad themes. But it’s this universality that creates a bond, touches us as we recognize common existential questions and feelings. The stories I tell through my photographs or films don’t provide answers to these questions. Hopefully, they act as moments of contemplation and recognition.          


  • Love Letters (short documentary, 2016)
  • Over the Rainbow (short documentary, 2014)
  • Louis van het Reuzenrad (short documentary, 2012)
Square Eyes -


Director: Tara Fallaux
Producer: Halal Docs: Olivia Sophie Van Leeuwen, Gijs Kerbosch, Roel Oude Nijhuis, Gijs Determeijer
Cinematographer: Myrthe Mosterman
Sound: Tim van Peppen
, Jaap Sijben, Willem de Wijs
Sound Design: Evelien van der Molen
Editor: Ruben van der Hammen
Line producers: Carolien Eversdijk, Fenna Breitbarth


  • International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, the Netherlands (15 – 26 November, 2017)
    IDFA Competition For Internatonal Short Film
  • Sleepwalkers International Film Festival, Estonia (21 – 26 November, 2017)
    Out of Competition: Doc@Shorts
  • Eindhovens Film Festival, the Netherlands (6 – 10 December, 2017)
    Official Selection
  • Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy, Finland (20 – 30 September, 2018)
    Official Selection
  • AFSAD – Internatiınal Short Film Festival, Turkey (13 – 15 December, 2019)
    Dutch Retrospective