Like a Sick Yellow

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Kosovo | 23' | 01/2024 | experimental documentary

An immersion into a Nora’s memory, where realities merge, the bad and beautiful intertwined until it’s all mingled and something else is formed. A tragedy foretold.


Norika Sefa


Norika Sefa is a filmmaker from Kosovo. She holds a master degree from FAMU in Prague. Norika is best known for her 2021 debut film LOOKING FOR VENERA, which established her as an emerging talent with a very distinguished voice. The film won and was nominated for many prestigious awards, it also represented Kosovo for the Oscars.
Norika is writer/director, who has also produced and edited her own work. Invitations brought Norika across different arts and cultural institutions, to talk about her distinctive cinematic approach and especially working in the small film industry, such as in Kosovo. She’s a member of the European Film Academy.


● From Above / Desde Arriba – short film – 2019
● Kiss me, now – short film – 2020
● Looking for Venera – feature film – 2021
● Like a sick yellow – short film – 2024

Square Eyes -


Director: Norika Sefa
Screenplay: Norika Sefa
Producer: Mentor Shala
Co-producers: Besnik Krapi, Norika Sefa
Sound Design: Labinot Sponca
Editor: Stefan Stabenow, Norika Sefa
Composer: Nuno Pinto
Narration: Leonora Sefa, Rozafa Çelaj, Krenare Rugova, Labinot Sponca, Norika Sefa


  • International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands (25 January – 4 February, 2024)
    Tiger Short Competition


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