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Ik / I

A film by

the Netherlands | 26' | 16/2013 | documentary

Pieter, a 56-year-old writer, suffers from a personality change caused by the brain damage inflicted by a tumour. His wife Annette must learn to live with her new husband. Filmed before, during and after Pieter’s brain surgery 'I' shows us how fragile our personality is and how closely it is connected with our physical brains.

Jona Honer


Jona obtained in 2008 his Bachelor of Journalism at the University of Utrecht, after which he worked for a year as a reporter for RTV Utrecht (a regional broadcaster) and VPRO (a national broadcaster). Inspired by the cinematic approach to issues at the VPRO he did register for the Netherlands Film Academy where he graduated in 2013 as a documentary director.

His graduation film “I” won the VPRO Documentary Award 2013 and the Pathé Tuschinski Award 2013 for best graduation film at the Dutch Film Festival. His previous film “Be Hard or Go Under” won the Megaherz Film School Award 2013 at the international documentary festival DOK.fest Munich.

As a documentary director Jona brings philosophical themes back to a human character that makes a dramatic development. He strives to be only present by choice of frame, edit and sound design.


  • Ik / I – 2013
  • Wie niet hard is is gezien/Be hard or go under – 2012
Square Eyes -


Director: Jona Honer
Producer: Paul Overste
Cinematographer: Koen van Bergen
Sound: Claas Meier
Sound design: Taco Drijfhout, Tom Jansen
Editor: Jelle Kuipers
Composer: Kristijan Krajncan


  • Netherlands Film Festival, the Netherlands (25 September – 4 October, 2013)
    Nieuwe Lichting / Won: Tuschinski Award 2013 for best Graduation film
  • Fest München, Germany (7 – 14 May, 2014)
    Film School Festival – Won: Special Mention Megaherz Filmschool Award
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest, United Kingdom (7 – 12 June, 2014)
    Short Docs
  • Konstanzer kurz.film.spiele, Germany (25 – 26 October, 2014)
  • 2ANNAS – Riga International Film Festival (17 – 26 October, 2014)
    International Short Film Competition Won: Best Documentary
  • International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima, Poland (21 – 27 November, 2014)
    Competition Honourable Mention
  • Docudays UA – International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Ukraine (20 – 27 March, 2015)
    DOCU/SHORT competition
  • Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, the Netherlands (8 – 12 April, 2015)
    Out-of-competition: Generation I
  • Docudays UA Travelling Festival, Ukraine (October – December, 2015)
    Travelling festival reaching over 100.000 visitors