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Vaderland / Homeland

A film by

the Netherlands | 17' | 09/2014 | documentary

Willing or unwilling, a loved one can be lost. And with this loss, all that is attached.
What once was secure gives way to emptiness that cries to be refilled once more.
Through many question and only few answers Homeland shows a search for a sense of security after this suddenly dissolved.

Nathalie Crum


Nathalie Crum (Puth, 1986) graduated from the Art Academy of Maastricht in 2007. After having worked as a photographer, and also as a supervisor of people with intellectual disabilities, Nathalie decided to continue her education at the Dutch Film Academy of Amsterdam. In 2014 she graduated in the department of Directing Documentary.


  • De Goede Vrede / For the Sake of Peace – 2013 – 16’
  • Vaderland / Homeland – 2014 – 16’
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Director: Nathalie Crum
Producer: Michelle Hoekstra, Hanne Sinninghe
Cinematographer: Aafke Beernink
Set Sound: Tijn Hazen
Sound Design & Sound Mixage: Django Kroon
Editor: Inèz Poortinga
Composer: Eren Önsoy


  • Netherlands Film Festival, the Netherlands (24 September – 3 October, 2014)
    Student competition
  • FEST – New Directors/New Films Festival (22 – 29 June, 2015)
    Documentary Short Film Competition
  • ARTORIUM, Slovakia (15 – 18 November, 2015)
    Out of competition: Focus: Emigration
  • Magma – mostra di cinema breve, Italy (25 – 28 November, 2015)
    Official Competition
  • Beginning International Festival of Debut and Student Films, Russia (27 November – 1 December, 2015)
    Student Competition