Square Eyes - Gameboy01


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the Netherlands | 20' | 09/2014 | fiction

Four friends are about to graduate from high school. In an impulse, they decide to steal the school exams. When they sell the exams to others, the group is caught up in a high of rowdiness. The group seems invincible, but as soon as the outside world catches onto the affair, Thijs is in danger of losing the feeling of freedom he's only just acquired.

Giancarlo Sanchez


Director Giancarlo Sanchez can best be described as one of our most versatile filmmakers. After his studies at the Dutch Film Academy, he directed an array of short films. His debut film “Horizon” earned multiple awards including the “Gouden Kalf” at the Netherlands Film Festival.

In 2018 he completed the highly anticipated series “Mocro Maffia” and recently he directed the first Netflix Originals “ARES” which will be streaming in 190 countries.

Aside from being a very talented screen director, Giancarlo also finds his way in the commercial film industry. At Cannes Lions he took the Grand Prix for his commercial EVERT_45. Giancarlo’s well-rounded, vibrant style make him someone who can speak to any generation through his work.


  • Horizon (2016)
  • 4JIM (2015, tv drama)
  • Gameboy (2014)
  • Kaolo (2011)
Square Eyes -


Director: Giancarlo Sánchez
Screenplay: Joeri Kloppert
Producer: Marten van Warmerdam
Sarah Dierckx
Cinematographer: Christian Schut
Gaffer: Nina Badoux
Production Design: Nicole Kroes
Art Director: Andrea van der Kolk
Setdresser: Mickey Graafland
Sound recordist: Freek Huijs
Sound design and mix: Kamila Wójcik
Editor: Berend Boneschansker
Composer: Lennart Altgenug
Cast: Thijs Boermans, Tobias Kersloot, Tarik Moree, Sjeng Kessels


  • Netherlands Film Festival, the Netherlands (24 September – 3 October, 2014)
    Student Competition
  • Mecal – Festival International of Short Film and Animation, Spain (11 March – 19 April, 2015)
    International Competition
  • Filmfest Dresden, Germany (14 – 19 April, 2015)
    Out of competition: youth_free
  • Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival, Germany (22 – 26 April, 2015)
    International Competition – Won: Best Youth Film
  • Netherlands Film Festival, the Netherlands (23 September – 2 October, 2015)
    Out of competition: Educational program
  • Festival Les Enfants Terribles, Belgium (15 – 18 October, 2015)
    Short Film Competition Won: Price of the Youth Jury
  • International Student Film & Video Festival Beijing, China (18 – 25 October, 2015)
    Official competition
  • Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival, Finland (16 – 22 November, 2015)
    Official selection
  • WE Film Festival, the Netherlands (28 – 30 April, 2016)
    Non-competitive festival
  • cellu l’art Short Film Festival, Germany (23 – 28 April, 2019)
    Dutch Retrospective