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Una Storia Normale / A Normal Story

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Italy | 16' | 05/2015 | documentary

Sometimes, encounters occur that can change the perception we have on life. Encounters, in which no apparent bond links us to the person we have in front of us, but with whom we feel instinctively intimate.  In the last two years I have often spent time in the neighborhood he comes from (the last hood in Rome before the great ring road that encircles Rome, as he repeats proudly) without ever understanding why.
Only now do I understand that his story was in fact mine, declined in completely different worlds.

Michele Vannucci


Michele Vannucci was born in Rome on January 2, 1987.  He began theater school and in 2009 he started his studies at the Experimental Cinema Centre and graduated in 2012 with a degree in Directing.  In just over three years, he has produced six short fictional films (including the graduation film BORN TO RUN), five short documentaries (including the finalist at Solinas Award CINDERELLA is from NAPLES), 1 medium-length documentary (Vigne Nuove), one commercial production and seven “Making of” films with large companies such as Fandango and Cattleya.


  • Born To Run (2012)
  • Cinderella in Naples (2013)
  • Vigne Nuove (2014)
  • Una Storia Normale (2015)
Square Eyes -


Director: Michele Vannucci
Writer: Michele Vannucci
Producer: Giovanni Pompili
Cinematographer: Matteo Vieille
Editor: Mauro Rossi
Composer: Teho Teardo
Sound: Eric Guerrino


  • DokuFest International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Kosovo (8 – 16 August, 2015)
    International Short Film Competition
  • Milano Film Festival, Italy (10 – 20 September, 2015)
    Out of Competition: The Outsiders
  • International Short Film Festival Winterthur, Switzerland (3 – 8 November, 2015)
    International Competition
  • BOGOSHORTS – Bogotá Short Film Festival, Colombia (9 – 15 December, 2015)
    International Competition
  • NexT International Film Festival, Romania (7 – 11 April, 2016)
    International Competition
  • Lago Film Fest International Festival of Short Films, Italy (22 – 30 July, 2016)
    International Competition
  • Inte Cinema Festival, Italy (13 – 16 September, 2016)
    Official Competition
  • Hayah International Short Film Festival, Panama (18 – 24 November, 2016)
    Best Documentary Section Won: Best Documentary Short
  • Zurich Film Festival, Switzerland (27 September – 7 October, 2018)
    Italian focus