And Then They Burn the Sea

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Qatar | 12' | 08/2021 | documentary

And Then They Burn the Sea is an elegiac contemplation on familial memory and loss. Filmmaker Majid Al-Remaihi ruminates on the experience of witnessing his mother’s gradual and terminal memory loss over the course of many years. Weaving a personal family archive, reenacted dreams and rituals, the film underlines the promise of cinema as a medium for memories even at their most irretrievable.

Square Eyes - LF-OS-POS
Square Eyes - LF-OS-POS

Majid Al-Remaihi


Majid Al-Remaihi is a filmmaker and film programmer from Doha, Qatar. His short film “And Then They Burn the Sea” premiered at Locarno in 2021. He produced it under the mentorship of Academy Award-nominated director Rithy Panh and with the support of the Qatari Film Fund.  Currently, he is developing his next short film.  Majid is also part of the Film Programming team at the Doha Film Institute.


  • Domestic Acoustics – 2017 – 13 mins (Student film)
  • And Then They Burn the Sea – 2021 – 13 mins
Square Eyes -


Director: Majid Al Remaihi
Producer: Basel Owies
Co-Producer: Ali Kechen
Production Manager: Ghouna Jaber
Director of Photography: Mesa Prum


  • Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland (4 – 14 August, 2021)
    Pardi di Domani


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