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Denmark | 13' | 03/2022 | experimental documentary

Abyss is a chain of 10.000 images found through Google’s reverse image search. The visual development is based on the misunderstandings that happen in the AI’s reading of the image material. The AI doesn’t care about scale, emotions or context but are only interested in patterns, colours and correlations.

We are watching a primal chaos before the creation of an artificial consciousness.
And the awakening consciousness is looking back at us as a species.

Square Eyes - CPH-DOX_OFFICIAL_SELECTION_sort_outline
Square Eyes - CPH-DOX_OFFICIAL_SELECTION_sort_outline

Jeppe Lange


Jeppe Lange is a video artist and writer whose work revolves around memory and perception.
He has been nominated in several photo and film festivals (Doc Alliance Award 2022, New:Vision Award 2022, Nordic Light Festival 2021) and in 2018 he won a Young Directors Award in Cannes for his video piece Laws of Motion. In 2021 he co-founded AEON, a public exhibition space for video art in Copenhagen. Jeppe Lange was born in Copenhagen in 1987 and has a MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.


  • Abyss (2021, 13:28min)
  • The Truth About Your Feet (2019, 07:08min)
  • Still (2019, 58:00min)
  • Drawings (2019, 12:25min)
  • Laws of Motion (2018, 03:14min)
  • Flora (2016, 02:59min)
  • When You’re Watching This Film I’m Already Somebody Else (2015, 23:59min)
Square Eyes -


Director: Jeppe Lange
Screenplay: Jeppe Lange
Producer: Jeppe Lange
Executive Producers: Jeppe Lange
Cinematographer: Jeppe Lange
Sound Recording: Simon Brinck
Sound Design: Simon Brinck
Editor: Jeppe Lange
Composer: Simon Brinck


50+ selections

Select highlights: 

  • CPH:DOX, Denmark (23 March – 3 April, 2022)
  • Visions du Réel, Switzerland (7 – 17 April, 2022)
    Doc Alliance Selection
  • Festival ECRÃ, Brazil (1 – 10 July, 2022)
    Official Selection
  • Telluride Film Festival, United States (2 – 5 September, 2022)
    Official Selection
  • Nordisk Panorama Film Festival, Sweden (22 – 27 September, 2022)
    New Nordic Voice Competition
  • Tirana International Film Festival, Albania (24 – 30 September, 2022)
    Art & Experimental Competition
  • Chicago International Film Festival, United States (12 – 23 October, 2022)
    Documentary Short Film Competition


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