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Sweden | 13' | 09/2021 | documentary

Everyone has plans A, B, C and D. My plan is to turn all my plans into reality at the same time. How else do you get pregnant with an infertile guy?

Joanna Rytel


Joanna Rytel graduated in 2004 from the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. She has developed a complex artistry, which always points out our times most poignant issues of gender, power and identity. She approaches these issues with great integrity, putting the personal at stake, making her form of address accessible to those outside the usual art and film worlds. Considering how loaded these topics are, one might guess that Rytel would handle them with political correctness. Far from it. The politically correct answers are left out and the reaction becomes stronger when viewers are deprived of their passive role and become a part of the answer.


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Square Eyes - Director - Joanna Rytel - Square Eyes


Director: Joanna Rytel
Producer: Men at Home: Joanna Rytel
Screenplay: Joanna Rytel
Cinematography: Joanna Rytel, Björn Kjelltoft, Elin Berge
Editor: Joanna Rytel
Sound: Joanna Rytel


  • Riga International Film Festival, Latvia (14 – 24 October, 2021)
    SHORT RIGA International Competition Won: Short Riga Candidate For The European Film Awards 2022
  • Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, Netherlands (1 – 10 April, 2022)
    Kill Your Darlings
  • AmDocs – American Documentary and Animation Film Festival, United States (7 – 11 April, 2022)
  • Leiden Shorts, The Netherlands (9 – 12 June, 2022)
  • Diversions International Short Film Festival, Croatia (4 – 7 July, 2022)
  • International Short Film Festival ZUBROFFKA, Poland (7 – 11 December, 2022)
    On The Edge Competition
  • Norwegian Short Film Festival, Norway (7 – 11 June, 2023)
    EFA Shorts


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