life lasts two days (but carnival lasts three)

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Cerol – Superfície

Rómulo’s band can combine the sounds of the city in which they live with the sounds of faraway cities on other continents or in a not-too-distant dystopian future. We are fascinated by the dancing sum of the sounds of disease-carrying mosquitoes, machines that produce parties in the isolation of small apartments, and things, many things, that break.

Square Eyes - Egon Schiele - Self-Portrait with Lowered Head
Egon Schiele - Self-Portrait with Lowered Head
Square Eyes - Charlie Chaplin - The Gold Rush
Charlie Chaplin - The Gold Rush
Square Eyes - Henri Fantin-Latour - Lilacs
Henri Fantin-Latour - Lilacs

Solteiro – DJ Lycox

This song is like a secret whispered by the wind. For us, it proves, in the most material way possible, the loves, the lives, the unwitnessed stories. Like a kind of psychography that connects us to a historical, invisible, active dance floor. A space-time warp.

Our idea was that the parties in Fortaleza and Lisbon (the fictional party and the real party; the apathetic party and the party among friends) would come together through overlapping elements. Someone dancing to music and someone else watching music being danced to. I don’t know if we managed it, but “Solteiro” was a huge inspiration, and even today, when we listen to it, something escapes us.

Great dance-floor music has the ability to awaken us to the present moment and at the same time make us dream.

Square Eyes - Konstantin Somov - A Sleeping Woman
Konstantin Somov - A Sleeping Woman

Descanse – DJ Python

Saudade is melancholic twerking.

Square Eyes - Agnès Varda - Le Bonheur
Agnès Varda - Le Bonheur