The Delights

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Argentina / 65' / 11/2021 / documentary

More than 120 kids live together in Las Delicias agrotechnical boarding school in the Argentine countryside. Throughout the year, in addition to the compulsory subjects, they learn activities related to farm work. A doctor and other members of the school staff lend an ear during the daily struggles with misbehavior, physical ailments and the desire to return home. In that school, away from their families, they will experience the end of their childhood and the beginning of their youth.

Eduardo Crespo


Eduardo Crespo was born in Crespo, Argentina, in 1983. Director, Producer and Cinematographer. His latest film We Will Never Die (2020) was premiered in the Official Selection of the San Sebastian Film Festival and won the New Vision Award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. He directed the documentary Crespo (The persistence of memory) (2016) and As Close as Possible (2012). Director of photography for several films including Brief Story from the Green Planet by Santiago Loza, Again Once Again by Romina Paula and Today I Felt No Fear by Iván Fund. In 2021 he was developing a new project called La gruta del viento in the Ikusmira Berriak residency at the San Sebastian Film Festival, where he won the Irusoin Award.


  • The Delights – 2021, documentary feature
  • We Will Never Die – 2020, narrative feature
  • Crespo (The persistence of memory) – 2016, documentary feature
  • As Close as Possible – 2012, documentary feature
Square Eyes -


Written & Directed: Eduardo Crespo
Editing: Lorena Moriconi
Sound Design: Andrés Perugini
Director of Photography: Eduardo Crespo
Sound Mix: Lucas Meyer
Color Grading: Juan Martín Hsu
Producers: Santiago Loza, Eduardo Crespo, Lorena Moriconi
Produced: Primera Casa


  • International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, the Netherlands (17 – 28 November, 2021)
    Main Competition


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