‘Now something is slowly changing’

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the Netherlands | 106' | 11/2018 | the Netherlands

Now something is slowly changing is a clear-cut, distinctly visual portrayal of the present-day coaching and training culture. Using only fixed, wide camera angles, the film investigates different forms of self-development and courses for inner growth and performance improvement. Without protagonists, interviews or voice-overs the film observes, for instance, animal assisted therapy sessions, a class in happiness for primary school children, a training session in dealing with tension and aggression for city law enforcement officers and a vlogger trying to calm her stressed-out followers with gentle, relaxing sounds. It is left up to the spectator to decide whether these mindfulness training programs and coaching courses symbolize something bigger. Where did this search for self-improvement come from? Are we ever good enough?

“Now something’s look into the phenomenon of mindfulness is never too outspoken. The viewer’s perception of self-help is ultimately the driving force.”
Square Eyes - IDFA 2019 - laurel Int Comp
Square Eyes - IDFA 2019 - laurel Dutch Comp
“Now something’s look into the phenomenon of mindfulness is never too outspoken. The viewer’s perception of self-help is ultimately the driving force.”
Square Eyes - IDFA 2019 - laurel Int Comp
Square Eyes - IDFA 2019 - laurel Dutch Comp

Mint film office - Menna Laura Meijer


Menna Laura Meijer is self-taught and became a director by accident. While researching for an article on a group graffiti boys in Rotterdam, Netherlands, television producer Bob Visser suggested writing a documentary film plan instead of an article and so she did. In 1997 Tags, her first film, premiered in Rotterdam at an illegal rave party which was shut down by police during the credit roll. Tags is Meijer’s first film, the base of Meijer’s work and the beginning of a now 20-year collaboration with her crew. Later films as Girls (2003), 69 Love Sex Senior (2013) and ‘Now something is slowly changing’ (2018) still refer to Tags in style, use of music and edit. Even though Meijer began filming accidentally, she has been making acclaimed films ever since. Meijer is convinced that one day it will end as unintentionally as it started.


  • Now something is slowly changing – 2018 – feature doc
  • We Margiela – 2017 – feature doc
  • Sex? Yes Please! – 2015 – midlength
  • 69: Love Sex Senior – 2013 – feature doc
  • Kyteman – Now What? – 2011 – feature doc
  • The Friends, Betrayal and Murder of Maja Bradaric – 2008 – feature doc
  • Girls – 2003 – short
Square Eyes - Director - Menna Laura Meijer / Mint film office - Square Eyes - Square Eyes


Director: mint film office
Screenplay: mint film office
Producer: mint film office: JeanMarc van Sambeek, Rosa Duvekot, Max Diezenberg
Cinematographer: David Spaans
Sound recording: Gerben Kokmeijer
Sound design: Lennert Hunfeld
Editor: Albert Markus Jr.
Broadcaster: KRO-NCRV


  • International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, the Netherlands (14 – 25 November, 2018)
    IDFA Competition For Feature Length Documentary & IDFA Competition for Dutch Documentary Won: Beeld en Geluid IDFA Award for Dutch Documentary
  • DOCfeed, the Netherlands (21 – 24 February, 2019)
  • ZagrebDox – International Documentary Film Festival, Croatia (24 February – 3 March, 2019)
    International Competition
  • True/False, United States (28 February – 3 March, 2019)
    Official Selection
  • One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic (6 – 17 March, 2019)
    Out of competition
  • Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Ukraine (22 – 30 March, 2019)
    Closing Film
  • DOCVILLE – International Documentary Film Festival, Belgium (27 March – 4 April, 2019)
    Outside the Dox
  • It’s All True – International Documentary Film Festival, Brazil (3 – 14 April, 2019)
    International Competition: Feature or Medium-Length Films
  • Europe on Screen, Indonesia (18 – 30 April, 2019)
    Official Selection
  • Beldocs International Documentary Film Festival, Serbia (8 – 15 May, 2019)
    International Competition Special Mention
  • Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, Poland (10 – 19 May, 2019)
    Official Selection
  • Docaviv – The Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival, Israel (23 May – 1 June, 2019)
    International Competition
  • Elbedock – Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic (25 May – 2 June, 2019)
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest International Documentary Festival, United Kingdom (6 – 11 June, 2019)
    Official Selection
  • Nederlands Film Festival, the Netherlands (26 September – 4 October, 2019)
    Forum van Regisseurs Won: Best Film in Forum van Regisseurs
  • Inconvenient Films, Lithuania (10 – 20 October, 2019)
  • Planeta.doc – International socio-environmental Film Festival, Brazil (17 October – 15 December, 2019)
    International Competition


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