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the Netherlands / Belgium | 80' | 01/2019 | fiction

While wandering through the night, director Alex searches for the essence of his film. He has a deadline to meet but seems to have lost his inspiration, and on top of this his girlfriend walks out on him. As time passes, the dividing line between fiction and reality becomes increasingly blurred. Is Alex entangled in his own film?

Nocturne is a love story. A film noir about film. A tragedy. Theatrical. Sentimental. Youthful. Ambitious. Musical. Comical. A playful story about a hopelessly romantic boy.

Square Eyes - Thessaloniki IFF 60 TIFF OFFICIAL SELECTION 2019
Square Eyes - Thessaloniki IFF 60 TIFF OFFICIAL SELECTION 2019

Viktor van der Valk


Director/co-writer Viktor van der Valk studied at the Utrecht University for the Arts and the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam. His short films Brick (2013) and Onno The Oblivious (2014) received acclaim at festivals from San Sebastián to Palm Springs via the Netherlands. He was co-director/assistant on the ground-breaking documentary projects Stop Acting Now (Mijke de Jong, 2015, IFFR) and Stranger In Paradise (Guido Hendrikx, 2016, IDFA). Nocturne is his first feature film; he’s currently preparing his next, The Camera.


  • Nocturne – 2019 – 78’
  • Onno The Oblivious – 2014 – 28’
  • Brick – 2013 – 14’
  • The Little Traveller – 2012 / 7’
  • Veyglesa – 2011/ 40’
Square Eyes - Director - Viktor van der Valk - Square Eyes


Director: Viktor van der Valk
Screenplay: Jeroen Scholten van Aschat, Viktor van der Valk
Cinematographer: Emo Weemhoff
Gaffers: Arthur Vis & Stan Widdershoven
Sound recordist: Taco Drijfhout
Production designer: Myrte Beltman
Art director: Mickey Graafland
Costume designer: Nedda Nagel
Hair & make up: Lindelotte van der Meer
Editor: Lot Rossmark
Sound design & mix: Tijn Hazen
Composer: Eren Önsoy
Colorist: Peter Bernaers
Cast: Vincent van der Valk, Simone van Bennekom, Reinout Scholten van Aschat, Tom Dewispelaere, Bart Slegers, Lien Wildemeersch, Ellen Parren


  • International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Netherlands (23 January – 3 February, 2019)
    Bright Future
  • Taipei Film Festival, Taiwan (27 June – 12 July, 2019)
    Wild Tales
  • !f Istanbul International Independent Film Festival, Turkey (13 – 22 September, 2019)
    International Competition Won: Atlasglobal !nspired Audience Award
  • Nederlands Film Festival, the Netherlands (26 September – 4 October, 2019)
    Forum van Regisseurs & Gouden Kalf Competition Special Mention Forum van Regisseurs
  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece (31 October – 10 November, 2019)
    Film Forward
  • Film Festival Cologne, Germany (10 – 17 October, 2019)
    Benelux Meets NRW
  • Panorama of European Film, Egypt (6 – 16 November, 2019)
    Official Selection
  • International Film Festival of Kerala, India (6 – 13 December, 2019)
    Official World Cinema Section
  • Atlàntida Film Fest, Spain (27 July – 27 August, 2020)
    Official Selection
  • Elbe Dock Film Festival, Czech Republic (1 – 6 September, 2020)
    Best Of Selection


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