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Germany, France / 105' / 02/2022 / fiction

A bus stop, a square, a few blocks on a suburban road. Zohra Hamadi, metal rods down her spine, gets off the bus. She walks upright, finally able to breathe easily. But Europe only grants her a few days of respite. Zohra Hamadi decides to reach out to the future. EUROPE – a story of forced fiction.

“[Europe] varies the game of visible and invisible until dreams and reality fuse.”
Square Eyes - 72_IFB_Forum_bw_RGB
“[Europe] varies the game of visible and invisible until dreams and reality fuse.”
Square Eyes - 72_IFB_Forum_bw_RGB

Philip Scheffner


Born 1966 in Homburg/Saar, lives and works as an artist and filmmaker in Berlin. Between 1990 – 2000, numerous short and feature-length films with the Berlin-based authors’ group dogfilm. Together with Merle Kröger, Alex Gerbaulet, Caroline Kirberg and Mareike Bernien he runs the production platform pong. In the Berlinale Forum with Havarie (2016), And-Ek Ghes… (2016), Revision (2012), The Day of the Sparrow (2010), The Halfmoon Files (2007). Scheffner is Professor of Documentary Practices at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) since October 2021. His new film Europe, the first feature film production in collaboration with actors and non-actors, will celebrate its premiere at the Berlinale 2022 and will be released in German cinemas in spring by Grandfilm.


  • EUROPE – 2022, 105′, fiction
  • HAVARIE – 2016, 93′, documentary
  • AND-EK GHES … – 2016, 94′, documentary
  • REVISION – 2012, 106′, documentary
  • THE DAY OF THE SPARROW – 2010, 100′, documentary
  • THE HALFMOON FILES – 2007, 87′, documentary
Square Eyes -


Script: Merle Kröger, Philip Scheffner
Director & Editor: Philip Scheffner
Assistant Director: Pascal Capitolin
2nd Assistant Director: João Carvalho
Director of Photography: Volker Sattel
Non-Actors Casting: P. Scheffner, P Capitolin, C. Kirberg
Actors Casting: Bahijja El Amrani
Sound Recording: Tristan Pontécaille
Sound Design & Mix: Simon Bastian
VFX: Domingo Stephan
Colour Grading: Matthias Behrens
Costume Designer: Sandrine Bonheure
Production Designer: Nicolas Lefebvre
Gaffer: Tarek Shayne Tabet
Line Producers: Caroline Kirberg, Thomas Micoulet
Producers: Caroline Kirberg, Merle Kröger
Co-Producer: Meike Martens
Co-Producers: Thomas Micoulet, Karim Aitouna
Commissioning Editor: Rolf Bergmann
Produced by: pong film
In Co-Production with: Haut les Mains Productions, Blinker Filmproduktion, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma


  • Berlinale, Germany (10 – 20 February, 2022)
    Forum Special Mention Friedensfilmpreis
  • Visions du Réel International Film Festival, Switzerland (7 – 17 April, 2022)
    Burning Lights Competition Special Mention
  • Crossing Europe Film Festival, Austria (27 April – 2 May, 2022)
  • Play-Doc International Film Festival, Spain (4 – 8 May, 2022)
    International Competition
  • New Horizons International Film Festival, Poland (21 – 31 July, 2022)
    Out of Competition: The Third Eye
  • Atlàntida Film Festival, Spain (24 July – 24 August, 2022)
    Main Online Programme
  • Doclisboa, Portugal (6 – 16 October, 2022)
    New Visions
  • International Bosphorus Film Festival, Turkey (21 – 28 October, 2022)
    International Feature Film Competition
  • Filmmaker Festival, Italy (18 – 27 November, 2022)
    International Competition
  • International Documentary FF Amsterdam, the Netherlands (9 – 20 November, 2022) Paradocs
  • Solidarity Human Rights Film Festival, Israel (1 – 10 December, 2022)
  • Transcinema International Film Festival, Peru (2 – 10 December, 2022)
  • Kolkata International Film Festival, India (15 – 22 December, 2022)
    Official Competiton – Innovation in Moving Images section
  • SANFICI – Santander International Independent FF, Colombia (20 – 24 February, 2023)
    Competencia Internacional de Largometrajes


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Press Quotes

“for dealing with the subject of immigration in a novel way and with a great sense of humanity while showing that silence and the “out of frame” are remarkable tools to discuss the fiction of borders.”
Jury statement at Visions du Réel 2022 – Special Mention in the Burning Lights Competition

“Through the film, our lead actress regained a certain visibility outside of the movie as well.”
Interview with Philip Scheffner and Merle Kröger – Cineuropa

“absorbing and structurally complex”
Review: Mark Adams – Moving Image Middle East

“[Europe] varies the game of visible and invisible until dreams and reality fuse.”
Review: Lauren Wissot – Modern Times Review

Europe, through its particular style of reverie, […] emerges as an overtly political film.”
Review: Ezequiel Boetti – Otros Cines

“a work at once as simple and complex as its title might imply”
Review/Interview: Lauren Wissot – Filmmaker Magazine

“What happens if those who join and contribute to our society suddenly vanish? Scheffner tries to express this notion by applying negative space.”
Review: Susanne Gottlieb – Cineuropa