A man and a camera

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The Netherlands / 64' / 04/2021 / documentary

An enigmatic entity roams the Dutch hinterlands, silently pointing a camera at all that it encounters. Soon it finds itself standing in front of a doorway. Met with an uninvited, inscrutable camera operator, how will the region’s inhabitants respond? Amusing and unsettling, mundane and otherworldly, “A man and a camera” is an endlessly surprising provocation: an upending of documentary power dynamics, an inquiry into human nature, a rendezvous with the real.

Square Eyes - 21_officialselection_0
Square Eyes - 21_officialselection_0

Guido Hendrikx


Guido Hendrikx was born in Eindhoven in 1987 and studied Liberal Arts & Sciences (Utrecht University), Directing Documentary & Screenwriting (Netherlands Film Academy), and Practical Ethics (Utrecht University). His award-winning shorts Escort (2013) and Among Us (2014) were featured at film festivals throughout the world. His feature debut Stranger in Paradise (2016) was the opening film of IDFA 2016. It was theatrically released in cinemas in Italy, the UK, Belgium and The Netherlands and nominated for the European Film Awards: best documentary. Guido Hendrikx wrote several screenplays (short, mid-length, feature) in collaboration with other directors (Ena Sendijarevic, a.o.) and worked as a curator for the video department of The Correspondent. “Camerapersona’ is his newest work.


  • Camerapersona – 2021 – feature documentary
  • Stranger in Paradise – 2016 – feature documentary
  • Among Us – 2014 – short documentary
  • Escort – 2013 – short documentary
Square Eyes - Director - Guido Hendrikx - Square Eyes


Director: Guido Hendrikx
Screenplay: Guido Hendrikx
Producer: Jasper Boon, Ena Sendijarevic, Wouter Jansen, Guido Hendrikx
Production companies: [boondocs], Aventura
Cinematographer: Guido Hendrikx
Sound Design: Tijn Hazen
Editor: Lot Rossmark, Rens Christiaansen, Guido Hendrikx
Composer: Jeanne Susin


  • CPH:DOX, Denmark (21 April – 2 May, 2021)
  • Festival Millenium, Belgium (2 – 9 May, 2021)
    International Competition
  • International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2 – 6 June, 2021)
  • Docaviv – Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival, Israel (1 – 10 July, 2021)
    Depth of Field Competition
  • Pärnu Film Festival, Estonia (12 – 18 July, 2021)
    Official Selection


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