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Germany, Serbia, Spain, South-Korea / 93' / 02/2022 / fiction

There is a geography of miracles.
Jonasz studies insects and fishes, Signe leaves and herbs. After a day spent in gardens and libraries, they meet, take the train and leave the city, pitching their tent on the shores of a lake. As they read, eat fruit, wander the forest and swim in the cold water, the outside world feels further and further away. A stranger appears and a trio is formed. But there are also other trios, other lakes, different places, different times.

“Masterpiece, as close to the pure state of dreaming in the real world as we’ve seen since the silent era.”
Square Eyes - 72_IFB_Forum_bw_RGB
“Masterpiece, as close to the pure state of dreaming in the real world as we’ve seen since the silent era.”
Square Eyes - 72_IFB_Forum_bw_RGB

Dane Komljen


Dane Komljen, born in 1986 in Banja Luka, SFR Yugoslavia. He studied cinema and art. His first feature, All the Citites of the North, premiered in 2016. Afterwater is his second feature. He works and lives in Berlin.


Afterwater – 2022 – 93′
Phantasiesätze – 2017 – 17′
All the Cities of the North – 2016 – 100′
All Still Orbit – 2016 – 23′
Our Body – 2015 – 15′
A Surplus of Wind – 2014 – 25‘
Tiny Bird – 2013 – 30′
Bodily Function – 2011 – 40′
I Already Am Everything I Want To Have – 2010 – 35′

Square Eyes -


Director: Dane Komljen
Screenplay: Dane Komljen
Producer: Flaneur Films: Zsuzsanna Kiràly
Co-Producers: Andergraun Films: Montse Triola
Dart Film: Nataša Damnjanović, Vladimir Vidić
Jeonju Cinema Project: Choong-jik Lee, Young-jin Kim
Cinematographer: Jenny Lou Ziegel
Sound Recording: Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer, Jordi Ribas
Sound Design: Jakov Munižaba
Sound Mix: Linus Nickl
Editor: Dane Komljen
Costume: Isabelle Lange
Choreography: Rose-Anabel Beermann

Cast: Jonasz Hapka, Ton Gras, Rose-Anabel Beermann, Signe Westberg, Boban Kaludjer, Gorka Martin, Clàudia Robert, Alice Heyward, Orlando Rodriguez


  • Berlinale, Germany (10 – 20 February, 2022)
  • Cinéma du Réel, France (12 – 21 March, 2021)
    International Competition
  • FICUNAM International Film Festival, Mexico (10 – 20 March, 2022)
    International Competition
    CPH:DOX, Denmark (23 March – 3 April, 2022)
    Artists & Auteurs
  • Art of the Real, United States (31 March – 8 April, 2022)
    Official Selection
  • Jeonju International Film Festival, South Korea (28 April – 7 May, 2022)
    International Competition
  • Artists Film Festival, Israël (16 – 18 June, 2022)
    Special Screening
  • New Horizons International Film Festival, Poland (21 – 31 July, 2022)
    Competition Special Mention
  • Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina (12 – 19 August, 2022)
    BH Section
  • NEMAF – Seoul International Alt. Media & Cinema Festival, South-Korea (19 – 27 August, 2022)
    Official Selection
  • Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong (15 – 31 August, 2022)
    Poetry in Motion
  • Valdivia International Film Festival, Chile (10 – 16 October, 2022)
    Feature Competition
  • Lima Alterna Festival Internacional de Cine, Peru (13 – 23 October, 2022)


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Press Quotes

“Dane Komljen does not tell stories; he creates experiences”
Review: Vladan Petkovic – Cineuropa

“Images are Moving Away From the Eye”: Dane Komljen on Afterwater
Interview: Giovanni Marchini Camia – Filmmaker Magazine

“Masterpiece, as close to the pure state of dreaming in the real world as we’ve seen since the silent era.”
Review: Robert Koehler