After the Snowmelt

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Taiwan, Japan | 110' | 04/2024 | documentary

It is a coming-of-age tale where youth grapple with their first profound loss. Filmmaker Yi-Shan’s best friends Chun and Yueh were trapped in a Nepal cave for 47 days. Chun died three days before Yueh's rescue, prompting Yi-Shan to take up the camera and retrace her friends’ footsteps in Nepal. When Yi-Shan reaches the cave, what awaits her there?

Square Eyes - VdR_Official Selection_2024_B
Square Eyes - VdR_Official Selection_2024_B

Yi-Shan LO


Yi-Shan LO is an independent filmmaker and writer. Since her teenage years, she has been fascinated by the intertwined relationships connecting humans and non-humans in Taiwanese subtropical mountains. Conveying the beauty and complexity of wilderness has motivated her to make films. After the Snowmelt is her debut documentary feature.


  • After the Snowmelt (2024, 110’)
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Director: Yi-Shan LO
Producer: Yung-Shuang CHEN, Tze-Lan CHO, Yi-Shan LO
Co-producer: Documentary Dream Center: Asako FUJIOKA
Hope Content Marketing Co., Ltd.: Angel Wen CHEN
Image: Yi-Shan LO, Wei-Long TSAI
Sound Design: Yannick DAUBY
Editor: Jessica Wan-Yu LIN


  • Visions du Réel, Switzerland (12 – 21 April, 2024)
    Burning Lights Competition


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